The ‘Split’ is coming!!! – The Pleiadians

The ‘Split’ is coming!!!

The Pleiadians say that this is the biggest energetic transfer ever to take place during this current transition of Earth. At the very moment you enter the frequency of 2022 a multidimensional energetic ‘Split’ will impact the entire sphere of the earth plane.

Those of you who are aligned to your Hearts will be ready to orientate and enter this higher dimensional environmental light which will open at the time of the ‘Split’. At that moment you will be launched into an expanded alternate reality time frame. This is where those of you on a conscious path will be relocated, linked into a higher reality framework.

At the very moment, of the ‘Split’ you will be merged, within a oneness flow. You will become one within a higher light consciousness, which is one aspect within the full makeup held within the alternate reality states as they are revealed.

You are to take your unique place within the sacred redefinition of Earth’s magnetic light as these shifts within the ‘Split’ occur. These alternate reality, multidimensional frequencies forge open a blessed environment, an alternative experience for you to enliven yourself.

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