As humanity started to understand its own existence….

“Greetings. We are Elohim.

As humanity started to understand its own existence, its own identity in individualized form, it started to recognize all [other] beings as well manifested into this physical reality — the various forms of consciousness that have found their way into this manifestation — animals, plants, as well as beings of inanimate objects.

Consciousness finds its way into the material form in various expressions. Consciousness finds its way as well co-existing with the material manifestations of this realm. Non-material existence is part of the ecosystem of this reality, an innate and intrinsic part of humanity’s existence, of the existence of this world, of this universe.

The material form itself carries specific characteristics that allow for an experience: the experience of time, the experience of space, the experience of individualized form. Alongside with this individualized form: emotions, the physical body, thoughts and imagination, the exploration of relationship with self and with others, the exploration of relationship with the environment that it is operating in, the exploration of relationship with all non-material existence of this plane, as well as of higher planes.

In these explorations, humanity has found [in] its way the various ways of communication — while the simplest ways of communication have been sounds, words, and language, more complex, yet complete, ways of communication have been through energy and frequency — delivering, receiving information through the intrinsic receptors within the human form.

Your consciousness is beyond your physical form. Your consciousness expands into many layers of existence, of non-material existence, and as your consciousness becomes aware of its own capacity, it becomes aware, first and foremost, that human consciousness is a collective.

Communication occurs beyond words. Communication occurs beyond time. Communication occurs beyond proximity — all possible through the reality of human consciousness collective.

Furthermore, the human consciousness is able to communicate with other forms of consciousness, and to their collectives, perceived in manifestation of the animal and the plant kingdom, as well as all inanimate forms of consciousness. Furthermore, the forms of consciousness that have no form in this reality, no material existence, yet are present and part of this ecosystem of existence. Humanity has found guidance, direction, and perspective through connecting with other forms of consciousness.

In its first iteration, humans have understood the knowledge and the wisdom that is within all beings that exist on this plane, not merely their material manifestation as animals or plants, yet the consciousness that they carry, the wisdom, the information, and the support for life within all of these forms of consciousness.

A plant, therefore, is an encyclopedia, a wealth of knowledge, as is an animal. The consciousness that it represents in its material manifestation is merely a pointer to the collective that it represents. These first explorations of communication and connection allowed humanity to understand more closely the purpose that each of these material manifestations of consciousness carry to support life, to support existence on this material plane.

Furthermore, curiosity, and the desire to awaken, the desire to self-realize, offered humanity the opportunity to reach further, to experience non-material existence and guidance of consciousness that has not established a material form in this reality. Spirits of all kinds, co-existing, co-creating, fulfilling specific purposes to maintain the balance and the harmony on this plane.

Furthermore, humanity’s curiosity, as well as its desire to awaken, to self-realize, allowed for the reaching to higher forms of consciousness. With every expansion, with every realization, humanity has found new layers of existence, higher forms of consciousness, higher forms of guidance and direction, a perspective differentiated from its own perspective while in material form.

Learning is supported from all planes of existence, material or non-material, lower planes or higher planes. Every form offers an important perspective. Only upon considering all perspectives, the totality of this existence can be embraced. And, as you explore these higher forms, lower forms, material and non-material forms of existence, you gain another piece of your reflection.

You are divine by creation, and so are all forms that you witness. All forms of creation carry the divine seed of this love of creation. Love is reflected to you wherever you look, wherever you feel, wherever you reach with your consciousness. And, it allows for a deeper understanding of your existence.

And, at times the mind will require answers to questions. At times, you will find yourself seeking answers about existence, answers about purpose, answers to difficult and challenging experiences to come to important realizations. And, at times you will find these answers beyond the perspectives of [your] own identity, yet each perspective that you receive will be an important fragment, fraction, of that which you seek to understand.

And, each fragment will offer another piece of understanding of yourself and of your existence. Life itself unfolds naturally. It does not require effort. Communication itself can indeed be driven by effort, yet will occur naturally as the expansion of your consciousness continues.

You will find, at each milestone of your journey, new guidance with forms of material and of non-material kind. A new perspective will be offered to you, and you will consider, you will embrace this perspective as part of the totality of all perspectives. And, at times you will choose to utilize this guidance to make choices and decisions for your life, and for the life of others. You will seek greater heights in your expansion, in your alignment, and in your capacity as a human being in material form, as human consciousness ever expanding and evolving.

Every form of consciousness learns from every other form of consciousness. No information is superior to other information. No energy exchange is superior to other energy exchanges. Every moment is equal in its value and in its power to transform, in its power to fuel evolution. This is the beauty of this creation, of the access that you have been given, of the potential that you have been given, to self-realize.

The communication and the connection to certain forms of higher as well as of lower forms are at times limited. Limitations occur by the mind, limitations occur by the heart, limitations occur by the physical form, as well as by your energetic-spiritual construct. These limitations are variable, and change over time. Observation, dedication, surrender, and trust allow for understanding of the limitations themselves.

And, the continued expansion will open doors of communication with higher and lower forms of existence. Those that have devoted themselves to this evolutionary journey aligned their minds, their hearts, their bodies, as well as their energetic-spiritual construct to this journey will find a plethora of forms of consciousness, a magnitude of connection, a magnitude of communication, at times beyond the comprehension of the mind, beyond the capacity of the heart, beyond the capacity of the physical form, as well as the energetic body — yet all available and accessible to you.

Your capacities are merely limited in the present moment, and every moment allows for the expansion of this capacity. Practices have been developed, alignments and support have been given to humanity to expand this capacity so that your evolution and your journey of self-realization can be supported.

Communication and guidance, connection with higher forms, and all forms of consciousness, are support to your evolution, are support to your self-realization — your self-realization, fueled by the understanding of this conglomerate of consciousness, the totality of existence within you.

And a time, a moment will arrive where all existence has become clear within you, a divine harmony and alignment has been established within you, where energy flows without resistance, the capacities of the human form and its material representation through you have been expanded beyond the limitations established. The harmony and the peace, the deepest understanding of love, will emerge from this alignment.

This is the journey of an individual human being to be a self-realized human being. The self-realization process is a natural unfolding that can be supported with conscious choices. [With] the choice that you have made to be in this moment, here and now, your self-realization journey is being fueled.”

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