What is the EVENT?

What is the ‘event?’ Well it is going to be ‘biblical’ we have been told. Some has said ‘it is though God reaches his hand down from the sky’ or ‘it will be a red sea moment.’ What if we have been preparing energetically to hold the light of the real galactic sun that these rays will finally reach us on earth as they did eons ago? Could this have been the veil pulled over humanity to where 12 strands became 2 strands because the real galactic sun’s energy could no longer reach us? What if the event and massive solar flash is the dome being removed? With the dome gone, the galactic sun rays hitting earth will light up the earth’s grids and lift her and humanity all at once. Keep doing your ‘work.’ Work on shadows, traumas, wounds, healing the past, cellular healing, etc., so you are ready to take on what is coming. Release your energetics of all that you are not so you can accept all and more of what you are. Some will fly through it, others will find it difficult to integrate. Everyone will witness it. There will be those that can handle the vibration and hold the massive influx of light energy in the body.

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