Light Language Healing Session – receive high frequency downloads, galactic encodings, DNA activation & more – listen with headphones

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Listen with headphones.

What is Light Language?
The Language of Light is a heart-based, conceptual form of communication from God/Source. It bypasses the logic centers of the brain that we’re accustomed to using and speaks directly to your being and the body at the subatomic/DNA level. This means that it is able to effect profound change in your life experience, particularly when combined with a healing intention.

The Language of Light is perceivable throughout our world in sounds, colors, movements, vibrations, and shapes, while at the same time transcending the earth plane. With our interaction it allows us to begin transcending what we currently believe are the boundaries of our earthly forms.

Light Language healing works through vibrational transfer at the physical and subtle energetic body levels. A good way to describe it is waves of energy that interact with the multiple, interconnected aspects of your being (electromagnetic fields being one way to refer to some of these) for a specific purpose.

The session offers deep targeted healing, DNA Activation (awakens dormant DNA), shifts at the quantum level (instantly), and from there effects begin to unfold in your physical world and unpack. By receiving the transmitted vibrations, my Higher Self actually facilitates the healing, in the way and at the level that are most appropriate for you.

Benefits of Light Language

Reunite & integrate multidimensional soul aspects from parallel lifetimes, incarnations & dimensions
Awaken skills & gifts we have learned in past lives
Helps to clear blockages & get into a higher vibration
Helps with the ascension process
Quantum Healing
Connects you to your soul blueprint
Packed & condensed information codes that unfold & integrate
The ability to reprogram our thoughts, emotions & physical health
Light codes that switch on dormant DNA & repair damaged DNA
Activation codes that open us up to new teachings and technologies & a lot more…

You will receive what you need at this time and even if you listen to it at other times, you will also receive something new as the energy is every expanding and ever evolving.

Once you order, you will be able to instantly download the mp3 file. Please listen with headphones.

Order session here: Light Language Healing Session


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