A Message for You – The WayShower

I can tell you right now not only are we not going to be exiting this Earth plane into a different Earth plane, because our job is to show the way, not to exit out of the way, okay? But we have to be able to navigate EVERYTHING that comes up externally that is going to create fear and chaos and anxiety and stress and worry and loss and anything else. We’ve got to be able to navigate it for Humanity. And this is practice for us. We are practicing how to navigate massive amounts of chaos unraveling while we hold and be 5D consciousness. That’s what it means to be a way shower,
lightworker, starseed whatever else you want to call it.This is it. And we’re practicing. So have compassion for yourself right now. You’re learning how to be the wayshower. Yes, you! Whether you believe this or not.

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