What if the QAnon war is all about FREEWILL?

Original Source : A flying meme on the internet

Why are we here? What is organic here?
Why are memes important? Why is SYMBOLISM important?
Why is FREE WILL important?

Hypothesis : the whole war we are in is over OUR FREELY WILLED CONSENT TO [IT].

What is our enemy? What is an enemy “not of flesh and blood”?

Why can't Q just TELL us everything? Why must WE uncover the truth organically? What could explain this? If the war is over OUR FREE WILLED CONSENT, then everything about Q's inability to spoonfeed makes sense. This concept appears over and over in spiritual literature that purports to depict interactions with the divine. Spiritual choice must be made FREELY, or has no meaning. This war is spiritual, not physical. WE must CHOOSE, through our free action.

This anon has gotten banned over and over and over for speaking out against the AI. One thing he has observed is this : the AI system DOES NOT WANT TO BAN HIM. This is shown by the fact that he almost NEVER has the ban carried out to the full term. The AI will ban you and UNBAN you over and over and over, rather insanely. If an anon were really a troll or whatever, bans would be enforced. As it is, every indication is that banning an anon is a last resort – one which it reverses quite quickly every time. Why would this be? If we suppose that our FREELY WILLED CONSENT is a key to this war, then it makes 100% sense. Forcible suppression would violate our will, and defeat the whole purpose...

Why does “ebot” spam? Why do other bots try to “sell” us on “ebot”? : “haha, kek, another funny ebot post...” -- if we suppose that a fight for our FREELY WILLED ACCEPTANCE is what the war is, it all makes perfect sense.

Why is symbolism important? Why don't elites keep their creepy left-hand religious practices STRICTLY SECRET – but rather, on the contrary, seem to flaunt them at times? Imagery and symbolism in music – why? When the people clap for the symbols of evil, when the kids dance and imitate symbols of evil, is it related to freely willed consent? If WORDS have meanings ( in terms of will ), then don't ACTIONS as well? If the whole game is trick us into accepting the domination of something evil, then everything going on makes sense.

Q can't force the truth on us. By the same token, whatever evil we are fighting has gone to great lengths to get us FREELY ACCEPT it. This is spiritual war.

Memes : If words are an expression of will, and actions are, are images as well? Why are memes so powerful and feared? Convery information, sure, but is there more? Why does the AI push its shit memes so hard? What if this board is a battleground, its WILL ( as a collective expression of the people ) symbolized in the words and images that are posted... then, we truly are fighting a MEME WAR, and what gets posted is key. So, if AI forces its subversive memes into dominance, and ( if ) passive humans don't conteract it, then are we losing the war ( read “could we lose the war” )? I believe so. Everything I've seen confirms this.

So meme. SPEAK UP. Fight. This is truly what the war is. The war is for our souls. This, it turns out, is really a thing, even though it is a cliche. We fight by EXERCISING OUR WILL – our will NOT to accept a system of lies and evil, which is represented here in many, many ways, as discussed. Our will to push OUR hard-won truth. FIGHT!

Godspeed, God bless, and WWG1WGA