The Purpose of the Cabal ( A Higher Perspective )

The Purpose of The Cabal ( A higher perspective )

Hi people! Its me again!

What I wanted to talk about now is actually the structure of the cabal or who are the people in the cabal, what is the cabal and how did they influence us. And this has been going on for thousands of years. And, they had huge influence. They used a lot of manipulative ways to tell us what is reality, what we should belive and how to suppress us. And one of the most important things to understand is, there are royal houses all over the world. And how did they get into power. Whoever gave them power. What is a Royal Bloodline. What is a bloodline. And why are the Illuminati referring to or this has been put out by the CIA – the Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

The Royal Houses are referring to bloodlines. So, yeah. And there is a particular story that I wanted to mention because it wasn’t in the news. And, the younger sister of Queen Maxim of the Netherlands killed herself – who knows? With a red scarf I believe. And she hanged herself from the door knob. Is this a possibility that you would have ever considered yourself hanging from the door knob? I don’t think this is something – someone – would actually really go through. So suicide is definitely easier – its definitely easier to hang yourself from the ceiling, potentially, than from the door knob. But this is a way for the cabal to take people out.

And why did this happen? Because, information surfaced that she was hosting parties and if you are sensitive to this information, I would very much recommend that you turn off the volume now. Because, what I am going to say will put pictures into your mind, potentially.

So, Queen Maxima, or her younger sister – there was information surfacing that she hosted parties where children were slaughtered by her guests and herself and then consumed or tortured. After this information rose, she was taken out. So, this is something that happened in this circle. And, this is not the only place something like this happened. This happened all over the world. I am really, really, really not kidding, unfortunately.

The Illuminati Bloodlines

Everything the cabal did – these 13 bloodline families caused was necessary for us for this ascension process because we are moving from 3D into 4D into 5D. We are moving into a state of creation – a creator state, where we are able to create new civilizations, new planets or something like this. So, we are able or we are granted the possibility to create. But we can only achieve this through being 100 percent aware of what is creating what. Or, we have to see our whole creation and what we let happen. Because, yeah, we let it happen. We let ourselves be suppressed. For especially this reason.

And the number 13 – I was referring to them – 13 as being now being relevant. This is now the time where its relevant. Its 13 Bloodline Families. And 13 is the mastery of the heart. And 13 was necessary. These 13 families, they call themselves “Illuminati”. They call themselves that way because, they knew they had to put out information – they did not understand it completely because they also perceived very little in relation to the whole. They actually were necessary for us collectively to see what is caused through this behaviour, what is caused through suppression, what the three dimensional realm included for us. We’re only aware of a portion or a lot of people are only aware of a portion of their creation. But to be conscious, to be a conscious creator, you have to be 100 percent aware that there are no such thing as errors. There is no possibility for anyone to create something when they are just 99 percent aware of themselves. So, this is why we have this ascension process. This is why we are moving into the fifth dimension, because, we are gaining awareness. Every day, every second, we are more aware hopefully. So, yeah.

Also, the light codes that come in. And yeah. A lot of people that operated in this structure of the cabal that was predominant everywhere in the world. They owned the media business. They owned the banks, the finance. These families fight with each other, or fought with each other for domination of different stuff. But they had all different roles to play.

And also, what is important – The Vatican – not only the Royal Houses, The Rothschilds, the people like this – The Vatican was very much involved in this process of suppression. Because, when the library of Alexandria burned down, by the people who were involved in this cabal stuff. Because the ancient knowledge, the library held a lot of information also about Atlantis, Lemuria, so yeah, the WHOLE HUMAN HISTORY. So they took all the information out . The Vatican archives – we should look there, we should definitely take a look at what is hiding or what they are holding there. Because, its exactly this information.

And, they have a few artifacts that they show to the world and they cannot be explained through science. So, there is SO MUCH information that was held from us. And so much manipulation and suppression was going on. You cannot really imagine the extent of this. Its not possible because you cannot comprehend 100 percent of yourself potentially at this time. And, the interaction of their influence is now, completely breaking away thankfully.

Artists trying to wake people up

But, a lot of people work to wake up the collective. And, also, this was potentially was a strong trigger for a lot of people. A lot of artists try to tell the story. They try to tell, yeah, they try to wake up, and try to support this process of ascension with their energy and the stuff they put out there. For example, I’m starting with Sia, and I already made a status about her on Facebook. And I believe that she knew about this and the only way to get into the enterainment industry, to become very big and to really have yourself be heard – your messages to be heard – is when you make a deal with the Devil.

And she is a White Hat, she is definitely a good person. But she has potentially endured something that I cannot imagine and I do not want to imagine. But, when she put out the video “Elastic Heart”. It was causing a lot of attention. Because this was linked to paedophilia in a way. It was showing something. They were dancing in a bird cage – this is important – in a bird cage. So, and she has a song “Bird Set Free”. So you look very, very deep into this. You can look very, very deep.

So, she tried to wake up the unconscious collective. She knew about, or, she knows stuff. Her effort is now really being seen and now this is an indication for clearing of the collective. That we came to a point where this is now OK to be put out there.

Also, I’ve been very strongly guided to do something like this. But I really didn’t wanna. Because its so controvesial. But also Freddie Mercury tried to wake up humanity. And through his song, everyone knows – through “Bohemian Rhapsody“. And one of the first verses is :

Mama, just killed a man,

Put a gun against his head,

Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead.

So, Bohemian Rhapsody. I always ask myself why Bohemian Rhapsody? I don’t get it. And do you know about Bohemian grove? Where, Bill Clinton…. And Alex Jones broke in and filmed this. But Alex Jones is also already discredited. So, how did he get in there? But Bohemian Grove – there were people being – you can look into that very deep into that.

There’s also the HIV virus that was promoted in this time. It was – they tried to bring the number of the humans on this Earth down to a very small number and this was one way they tried to do this. And the HIV virus is actually patented. So, there are a lot of viruses that are patented. So, how is this possible? They should not be! WHY?? For God’s sake! Why is this patent?

There is a cure for HIV and its actually bee venom – it destroys this. So why are bees dying? There is SO MUCH manipulation going on. Or there was so much manipulation going on. Its incredible really. Not one person can comprehend the extent of this manipulation of the societal structure that they built around us. We actually – they robbed us of pretty everything that was worthly being for. And we had to go through this process. As I said, to become 100% aware again, but it was a very, very, very strong suppression and very harsh way to do anything.

And definitely we do not want to create this ever again. So for this reason we have to look at it. We have to look at the horror that we have created – that we allowed to be created. So, its partly also the responsibility of every individual that something like this could have happened. Also, the mass slaughter of animals – this is the same frequency that we are allowing to be created. This is the same frequency – I’m really not kidding. There is a correlation between everything and when you allow this cruelty, this injustice, this horror, you create it again and again and again. And this is not creation, this is just destruction.

What we can do

And we had to undertand destruction in order to be creators. So, I don’t – I hope I did not pull you into a situation where you’re feeling like “Oh God, what was going in the world?” But I wanted to show you that there was a lot of stuff going – a lot of manipulation and a lot of things that you have potentially not been aware. But the only thing that you actually need to be aware of now is that we are now Ascending. We are now moving away from this. But we need to process information like this – for it to be never happening again. So yeah, we need to learn from it. Also from the darkest sides of all. So yeah, I think I will end now. And for today I think I will end with the videos.

I hope you’re feeling more informed and also optimistic. I really, really want to make you feel positive stuff because I love you all very deeply. And I understand that the information is really heavy mainly, or partly. But when we are able to process this information – when we can make peace with it, when we can actually transform something like this, we are doing it for the collective. We are clearing this out, and we are doing it for the best and highest good of all.

Also, for ourselves. So Service to Self and Service to Others should also be 50:50. It should not be 51:49, it should be 50:50. You should be serving yourself as much as you’re serving to the outside. This is important because, there was a time when people were saying you have to do more to the outside. You have to give away more. You have to do 51 percent Service to Others. BALANCE. Balance is key to everything. Don’t run dry. When you ( don’t ) run dry, nobody gets empty from you ever again. So you have to fill yourself up with energy.

And, what I wanted to say and this is important, for everyone who has endured this video, and was able to watch it till this point, you are incredibly strong! You are incredibly – really – this is nothing easy to process information like this. Also, the videos before were very much filled with information that was not potentially easy to integrate, because its not in the general understanding. But, we are actually pusing the process exponentially forward. So, we are giving it more energy to be unfolding quicker, so we are faster moving, we are quicker moving into our new reality – into this beautiful harmonic reality that we all want so deeply. That we all FEEL. We all feel so deeply connected to. We are bringing this by transmuting stuff like this. And yeah, its really hard to do this. You are – this is nothing a normal, unconscious human can understand but you can understand because you are infinitely great, You definitely uncovered youself to a degree where you can see this, You are very close to becoming the infinite source that you actually are. Because every single one you is God. Every single one you is a God, or a Goddess. Every single one of you is a direct descendant from Source. And you uncovered yourself to a degree where you can process this information.

So, you are amazing. We are freeing humanity from stuff like this. I’m very thankful. I’m really, really, really incredibly thankful for anyone that is able to do anything in this regards. Also for yourself, of course. So, I love you all very deeply. Have a beautiful day. We are moving into the most positive outcomes. Everything that I told you about the cabal was in the past. It happened. It already happened. There is no need for us to feel bad about this. But, the most efficient way is just to process this information, and continue living. Continue living with the understanding that it was necessary and we learnt something. Without this information, we potentially would not have been able to ascend with this speed. Because we are ascending a rate that has never been seen. We’re doing something new. So, yeah. Have a beautiful day, I love you all very deeply. We are creating heaven on Earth. And yeah. Bye for now! 🙂