Open your Heart – An Activation in Light Language

My heart is open there inside, love and joy and faith resides. My heart is open wild and free, the deepest, sweetest part of me. My heart is open clear and true, seeing all as fresh and new. My heart is open here I am, where I go forth, where I began. My heart is open healed and whole, the centre of my cosmic soul. My heart is open pure and wild, the sacred heart of a solar child. My heart is open see it shine, unto all and unto mine.

~Sunlight Dances On Water

Clarity of Mind – with the Language of Light

This light language activation is for clearing the mind of confusion in order to bring in more light, or for finding clarity in a specific situation.

Rise and Shine – Light Language to Begin the Day

This light language activation is to assist you in starting each day in your full power and aligning with your true purpose. As you listen you may like to set your days intention. If you don’t resonate with the use of the word God, please feel free to replace it with Source, Creator or whatever you feel comfortable in describing the most high.

Ho’oponopono – A Powerful Hawaiian Prayer for Deep Healing and Forgiveness

Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective. This beautiful Hawiian prayer will be so powerfully transformative in all areas of your life, whatever you focus it towards, it will clear stuck energies and create space for deep healing. Listen as often as you wish, whether it be for self love, forgiveness of yourself and others, healing traumas, physical healing, healing relationships, self empowerment and even abundance…there are so many ways in which these few simple words can work their timeless magic.

Cutting Cords – Removing Negative Attachments with the Archangels & the Language of Light

It seems that a natural part of the process of self healing and awakening is the realisation of all the negative attachments we have unwittingly collected over lifetimes. These can range from relatively harmless old relationships to extremely toxic connections and interference from dark entities. Any such attachments have the power to drain your energy, dim your light, create blockages on your path and interfere with you manifesting your highest good in any way, whether it be in love, success, happiness, healing or abundance. Recognising and consciously releasing these attachments is a very important part of the healing process and should be repeated as often as necessary. Blessings to you and your journey.

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