Message for Awakened Humans (Happening Now)🌟The Arcturian Council and my Guides

by Yolanda Marie, March 31, 2020

There is another wave of Awakened humans who will begin living primarily a 5th dimensional existence.
• Not easily perceived by those in 3rd dimension
• The Arcturians referred to this as a “crossing over” into living consistently very high frequency

They are in “accelerated motion” right now and many of them are conscious of this.
This applies to some listening right now.
(Many will be elated as they realize they can no longer reside at lower vibrations.)
• They will not perceive the 4th as readily, but will move in and out when needed (and will rarely be able, or allow themselves to perceive the 3rd dimension)
• Will “by default” be energetically separated, due to their consistently high baseline frequency
*Also, as a result of this default separation, many will no longer be as involved with most current structures and systems.

Can be difficult to stay focused in a state of power and knowing given the materially dense 3D world of current events
• This is because the 3D world is being bombarded with a reflection of the collective fear around the thought of what is unknown.
• The Arcturians are asking us to give up the need for control of the event happening around us now.

The Arcturians:
Your Higher Selves are calling for you to stand firm in your heart centered power and sacrifice the need to blend in or assimilate to the common lower frequency energies.

The wheels that are already set in motion here require wise patience. Even if you did not know you were “wise”, you ARE that which the human collective consciousness has called forth for this very moment.

Expect nothing less than miracles. This is a time to trust yourselves, allowing all that you have learned to flow to the surface.

Let your creativity and intuition prevail and continue to seed the collective consciousness with this.

We are the Arcturian Council. We love you!
End transmission.

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