Light Language Healing for Sadness & Grief

Welcome…I am deeply sorry for whatever troubles you have experienced that have brought you to this video, but know, that whatever brings you despair also brings you courage and helps your soul to grow. I hope that this healing message helps you to feel out whatever sadness or grief you are carrying. I am honoured to be able to assist you with my work, as the works of others have assisted me.

Dance In Your Blood – A Blessing in the Language of Light – with the words of Rumi the Poet

I was wildly inspired to weave this poem into a light language blessing. There are parts of it that really touch on the depths of the Divine Path and the magic and the madness, its hard to describe but it just wove a trail of starlight around my heart. I hope you love it too…sometimes the path of seeking your highest self can really seem to drain the life force out of you…It is my wish that this video invigorates, inspires and enlivens you x

The Fiery Goddess – an Activation for the Divine Feminine

This is an ode to all the Goddess’ out there, in acknowledgment of all that you do, from the mundane to the otherworldly. A lot is expected of the Divine Feminine, on all levels, it’s not easy, but the depth of our challenges are a representation of the height of our power. Whatever is going on in your world, just know that you’ve got this, you are a powerful Divine creation.

A Call to Light – An Activation in Light Language

This light language activation is for calling in the light, the holy spirit and calling in your power as a divine creation on Earth.

Surrender to Source – A Light Language Transmission

While our lives do demand a lot from us in terms of participation, we can also get caught up and bogged down thinking that we have to work everything out, when really, if we hand our problems or troubles or decisions up to the Divine, things have a funny way of working themselves out in the best way for all involved.

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