How The Event Takes Place | Lisa Watzl

How The Event Takes Place | Lisa Watzl

How The Event ( Ascension related ) Takes Place : Non – Verbatim Transcript :

Hi guys, today – this is a short video. This is more or less a response to a different video from a very, very amazing Youtube channel. Yeah. I’m not aware if its OK to share which Youtube it is. But yeah, the two are amazing. So if you get the hint, you will know which channel I mean, potentially.

So anyway, The Event is experienced on an individual and on a collective scale. And I ask myself this question quite often that if The Event has already happened or not. Because I went through, or, we went through several situations that were not definable for us. And in fact, yes, it is a process of ever elevating ourselves to higher frequencies. ( … )

So, it is something that you are definitely going to experience in an individual level if you are moving faster than the collective. So, if you are awakened, or awakened to a higher degree than the collective is, you will experience parts of this Event or specific frequencies that you are integrating already. And this is elevating you in a way that is – we don’t know how this actually feels because this is so new. But it’s an elevation. And this elevation takes place whenever you have reached a secure step where you cannot fall down.

It’s like in a game. I’m describing it like in a game because that’s something everyone **can relate** to. So, you are a certain stage now, that is allowing you to look into the whole scenario from a very unique and individual perspective. So, what I witnessed throughout the past weeks, and throughout the past months, is (…) This is all individually happening for people that are waking up. But the collective will also experience these effects.

And this will occur when the old programming of the 3D matrix are falling. And this will occur when the Morphogenetic effect takes place. Or, not the Morphogenetic effect, the 100th Monkey Effect takes place. Because, this is a domino effect that at one point will bring everyone into situation where they are questioning their own reality. And this is the feeling of The Event. Because, you are getting disillusioned. But you are not aware of what is coming after.

And what I experienced through the past weeks, I was lying in bed usually at these times. And, ( … ) there was a certain frequency that I did not understand quite in its **extents**. Because, there is a certain feeling that you’re getting when your energy body starts to spin – The Merkabah starts to spin. And this causes vertigo and a little sea sickness almost, for me at least it was that way. But it takes a few deep breaths where you center in yourself and where you balance outside the vertigo and the nausea goes away. So, yeah. And, kundalini rising is also very, very impressive energetically. But, what I experienced slowly, or not slowly, but shortly before I went to sleep or I could not sleep because the energy was so high. And what I experienced is – I cannot really describe it with 3D words. So, I’m potentially going to make something up.

It is like, its overwhelming. Its ABSOLUTELY OVERWHELMING. And this frequency that I’m experiencing – it gets more overwhelming and more overwhelming everytime I experience it. And these are just visions that I get from the Big Event that will take place. This is what I am actually working towards for the mass awakening. So, this is the global scale that we are also experiencing individually. There is always a polar aspect or its actually one perspective – a larger perspective than you potentially perceive in your everyday life. So, this energy is huge. It’s GIGANTIC. It’s ENORMOUS. I cannot describe it any other way. Because, when it happens you definitely know that there is no stopping it. No way of stopping it. The only reason why I’m mentioning this is because this is so – or I experience it as – it is definitely a CHANGE OF REALITY. Yeah.

Its so more than I can – I’m trying. When the collective awakens, we are actually looking at an illusion more or less outside. This is a product of the collective intake how the world looks out there. And this is true on this layer. But there are all layers **exisiting** within this Earthly realm. These are already present – the different layers. So what actually happens is, the 3D matrix is collapsing and through this collapse of the perception of 3D – the possibility is opened and enabled for the Fifth dimensional or for the Fourth dimensional realm also. I’m going to talk in an another video potentially if you have any questions, because you can govery deep into it.

The Event itself is, what I’m perceiving is – the collapse of the perception of the 3D realm. And yeah. Its so much bigger than what we are expecting, Its so much bigger than we can comprehend. Its completely life changing. Have you even been in a situation where you are like, OK, everything changed? Everything changed completely – potentiate this with a FEW MILLION TIMES than you potentially have an idea of how enormous the consequences are actually. So, yeah.

We are experiencing it in different stages because we are still so separated or is not individual separation but the collective separation. This takes the journey apart. But its necessary and its positive that this is happening, because this needs to be experienced this way at first and then collectively as one. So, yeah. Its a fractal reproduction – all is a fractal reproduction of something. Yeah. I’m trying to highlight the connection. But, yeah. ( … ) You can experience The Event individually and as I said, they made a very, very amazing video. I can of course, if anyone wants to know, I can give you their YouTube channel link. So, check them out.

( … ) The indiviual experiences can occur anytime. And, this will come with a very strong message of ( … ) when you have would have went through something like this. So, the energy is directing itself in the direction of truth. Always, when you clear yourself. Yeah. Because your focus is on the truth. So, I just wanted to throw it in there because this is something that I perceive and I’m very, very, very eager to share any of my information. But I need something – I need some trigger to pull me into a situation where I see, OK, this is needed, or this perspective is important right now. Because, there are so many perspectives. There are perspectives on anything. Countless and endless amounts of perspective on anything. That is why its so big nobody can comprehend it. Because, you have potential perspectives that I’m not able to perceive. So when you multiply all these perspectives that one person can hold with the collective – with the count of the collective – can you imagine this? Can you really imagine the perspective of 7.23 billion people potentiated to an extent of every perspective that is created harmonically – being able to manifest it. I don’t believe anyone can. But I’m very, very excited to finally see the consequences and you finally see how the 5D realm integrates.

Oh yeah, this I have to mention. This is not too long ago, this was the last time I experienced this huge wave. And at this point, when the wave comes, or when this process is at hand you will know. And you will know that it is bigger than you. So, stay in love, be excited, be happy, because what comes after this – we moving from darkness into light.

Yeah, there is an allegory of the cave. I think it was by **Humaya** or a Greek philosopher. Anyway, he said there were people living in a cave and then one person got out of the cave, and the only thing that the people in the cave saw was the shadow of somebody playing with light. This was their only entertainment and they thought these are real animals, or these are, this is the world outside. So the one person who actually went out there and went back in tried to tell them. But they said you’re stupid, this is not true. This is reality. The shadows on the wall – these are my reality. So, we are doing exactly the same.

This wave will enlighten everybody, but it needs enough people to pour into. For it to collectively change. So, its very, very important to grow, to outgrow yourself in a way. To deal with situations that are needed. But, yeah. We are, on one side, or on one hand we are waiting for the collective to awaken. But on the other side we actually working towards this awakening. We are working for the collective to awaken by presenting or I am doing this by presenting information that was not integrated in the system. But is very, very important.

In this regards, I have to mention, there is no actual truth to the things that you believe are true. Because its all a matter of perception. Its all a matter of integration. So, this system has a lot of, lot of imbalances in a lot of stuff it does not create harmonically. So this system at point has to fall. It will fall. Because its not useful to try and heal the system. Because its so – it went in the complete opposite direction. Its better to create something new. Something new, yeah.

I’m perceiving this Event as, like, yeah, finally the veil is lifted and finally you’re seeing the world as it actually is.

I hope I got everything necessary out there as I said this should be a short video. Just to throw my perspective on this – in there, because there is a lot of confusion on this topic. And its absolutely understandable because it has so many aspects. It has so many aspects. Its not comprehendable. Not really. But its very, very exciting!

So, yeah. Have a beautiful day. I’m very excited for the next few weeks, days, months. I have no idea when its going to take place. But, as what I’m currently – this is also something that I want to share with you. I’m perceiving timelines collapses. And this is what I’m perceiving – when somebody, and I have usually have no idea who this is. But I’m drawn into a reality or I’m drawn into a perspective of a third person I don’t know, potentially.

And from this perspective, I’m seeing the reality and all of a sudden there arises the monumental question “What is really, real?” or “What is actually reality?” And these are timeline collapses. These are individual timeline collapses that are now integrating into the mainstream – we are the mainstream – we are consciously predominant on this Earth right now. A few months back this not the case. This was still a fight. But now we are predominant. The light has won. Nothing can stop this. So, exciting.

Have a beautiful day. And I love you all very deeply. And it is going to be amazing, but it is going to be VERY OVERWHELMING. So very much more intense than we can comprehend. So, yeah. Stay in love. Its the best thing. Alright. Bye! 🙂