A Message for You – The WayShower

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Lorie Ladd : Hello everyone, happy Thursday! I love you! And sending you a big virtual hug, wherever you are on the Earth plane right now. So a message this morning from the Galactic Federation of Light. Seems like every morning I’m just walking into their ship and receiving a message. And it feels like the right thing to be doing right now, so here’s the message they had for all of us today.

They showed me, first of all, they said that we are all making a difference. So the wayshowers, you can call us lightworkers, starseeds, gridkeepers, whatever you want to name it right. But we’re wayshowers. We are showing the way. And what they said is, remind them that just by being the light source that they are that they’re making a difference. And that as a wayshower, we do not escape out of the chaos that is happening. We
have to show the way into the 5D consciousness by being 5D consciousness as often as we can. So it is not an escape out or a jump into some other
dimensional field. They said that we have to stand in the fire, and we have to go in to the light of who we are and the light that our body is holding in order to light up the way into these higher frequencies that we’re already holding so the collective can come with us, right. So the collective can shift. This is Ascension. And so they said there are hundreds of thousands of us standing in human form all over the earth plane with this bright light shining off of us.

Now what are we experiencing, right. Well, we’re experiencing and feeling and tapping into the shadow that’s purging, right. The denser or slower
consciousnesses that hold the fear, and the anxiety, and the lack of control and anything else that we may be experiencing. We think that that is us
and that that’s the vibration or frequency that we’re holding. And all that is, is us standing in this third dimensional field watching, experiencing,
and feeling denser consciousnesses clear off the earth plane. We are holding much higher frequencies. Your body is holding much higher frequencies than what you see externally. And it is our job, your job, as often as you can to move back into your body. To move back into that centered light. You can visualize it as a candle, you can visualize it as a glowing vibrational heart, you can visualize that light however you want. But the more, they
said, the more we bring ourselves back into our bodies and back into that light and frequency that we’re holding, the more we will remember that we are making a massive difference just by standing on the Earth plane right now.

We don’t even have to be doing much. We are making a difference by holding the light bringing ourselves back into the awareness of the light that we are and not getting distracted by the massive amount of dense consciousness that is purging and clearing off the Earth plane and that will continue to. Because again they said our job as the wayshower is to be 5D consciousness, to hold 5D consciousness, while we stand in a third dimensional
field. We have to be it. We have to remember and we forget. So they’re reminding you, they’re reminding me, they’re reminding all of us that just because we see what we see externally doesn’t mean there isn’t a massive amount of light flooding the Earth plane right now, flooding your body and you are holding these higher consciousnesses. So how do you get in here? Wow do you get into your body and feel the vibration, feel the frequency
and reconnect into your higher consciousness that we talked about yesterday? Find your breath.

Stop. Whatever you’re doing, just stop. For a moment. If you find yourself getting caught up in anything other than what is creating kind of a peace or a joy, right anything that’s causing create anxiety, stress, worry, fear, okay great. Now can you also stop and bring your awareness into your body and into your breath and remember I am making a difference right now. I am holding high frequencies of light right now. It’s an absolute fact. It’s a truth.

We have to hold these knowingnesses as we navigate the external that’s occurring right now. It’s imperative. Otherwise we get caught up in the external, right. This piggybacks to yesterday’s message that all as well, I am making a difference by being in my body, by holding the high frequencies of light that I’m holding, even if I don’t believe I am. You are.

If you’re listening to this message, please let this sink in.

You are holding much higher frequencies than you believe yourself to be. Drop in, drop your shoulders, relax your body, breathe for a moment, let everything else go. Put your hands on your heart center. Find that light. Find that spark. Whether it’s a candle looks like a candle, whether it looks
looks like a vibrational pulse out. Whether it looks like a round circle full of light. Whether it looks like a rose that’s full of light. Maybe it’s a
room, maybe it’s a chair. Whatever it is inside find a vision that you can hold. When you close your eyes and go inward and find your breath you can see the light of who you are.

Because I can tell you right now not only are we not going to be exiting this Earth plane into a different Earth plane, because our job is to show the way, not to exit out of the way, okay? But we have to be able to navigate EVERYTHING that comes up externally that is going to create fear and chaos and anxiety and stress and worry and loss and anything else. We’ve got to be able to navigate it for Humanity. And this is practice for us. We are practicing how to navigate massive amounts of chaos unraveling while we hold and be 5D consciousness. That’s what it means to be a way shower,
lightworker, starseed whatever else you want to call it.This is it. And we’re practicing. So have compassion for yourself right now. You’re learning how to be the wayshower. Yes, you! Whether you believe this or not.

Your body’s holding higher frequencies. Move into your body and feel the light as often as you need to. And you’re making a difference. That’s the message today.

I’m just the messenger. I don’t make it up I don’t try to dictate what comes through. I just share the message. You are so loved, you are so honored for choosing to be in your human form right now. By choosing to stand in this and to courageously guide humanity into the 5D consciousness, into the 5D field. You chose this. You’re here now. You’re showing up and you’re gonna do it. You are doing it. You already did it. You’re just now remembering. And we’re all going to navigate this the best way that we can with as much compassion and love for ourselves and for Humanity. This is why
you’re here. And I’m going to tell you again, there are more beings than you can possibly imagine watching us right now, loving us, honoring us, cheering us on and in awe of what we are doing. This is no easy feat.

I love you. Be gentle with yourself. Remember you are the light. You are the wayshower. And you have a choice. Get into your body connect into your
light. Breathe. I love you.