Eido : 12/12 Portal Update

Image credit : Internet

Energies are helping us working our way past the 3D programming and everything seems very clear how things are panning out in our lives.

We can understand now how resistance only make us learn the same old lessons that’s repeating in circles. It’s better to embrace life on earth by focusing on the present moment and keep doing whatever that gives us the highest excitement.

The awakened community is experiencing more and more of the synchronicities which are signs from our highest aspect of the self and spirit guides assisting us during these times of ascension.

Freedom is upon Earth and we are collectively cleansing and cleaning the planet out with the galactic family working from the other side of the veil. The solar flash will reboot the planet and it is upto the higher selves of humanity to decide whether to stay on Earth or go to other star systems to evolve.

2020 is going to be the year of so many possibilities with timelines converging yet splitting so make sure you are focusing on the inner work and creating a calm and a relaxed set up for you to live in, preparing yourself for the shift.