5D Ascension : Don’t burn out. Ease in.

By Lorie Ladd ( Message from Saint Germain ):

Had this thing come to me today. And I want to share it with you.

So, if we were sitting across from an ascended master, an angel, even a galactic being ( say ) Pleiadian. We were telling them how we were feeling and what we’re going through. What I was shown today is what they would say to us is, they would just nod yes. Yes! Yes you’re sad. Yes you’re depressed. Yes you’re angry. Yes you want to be in a higher state of consciousness. Yes you want to be in an ascended state. Yes you want to love yourself more. Yes!

And they would look us in the eye with complete admiration for being in human form, for going through what we are going through. And that love that they would show for us, that compassion that they would show for us is what we are learning to do for ourselves.

So its less about how do I shift out of this. How do I move into higher frequencies? How do I get my body to be in a higher frequency right? We’re so concerned or caught up in “ascension”, “ascending”, higher states of consciousness, all these different dimensions right?

And what we need to focus on a little bit more is the lesson or what we are being asked to try to practise in these now moments as opposed to try and get out of it, and practise shifting and doing all these things, can’t we just love ourselves? Can’t we have compassion for ourselves? The way that these would for us. Without a matter that ascended master is. Because we’re a human.

You’re in human form. You’re swimming in third dimensional consciousness. You’re not escaping that. The struggle and the suffer(ing) comes from trying to learn how to escape that which you’re in. That’s suffering. Right? Can we just be? In whatever it is we’re in.

And find compassion and love for ourselves as challenging as that is. Or can you just sit in it? KNOWING that on an energetic level it all moves right? How deeply can we be in us? How deeply can we find a spark of divinity? Or a spark of love while we are angry, sad, depressed, nervous, exhausted.

The exhaustion comes from trying so hard to be anything other than what we are being in this now. So try to remember if you were sitting right across any beautiful ascended master – Mother Mary, Jesus, Saint Germaine, Kathumi , Mary Magdalene, you name it right?

And they’re looking you in the eye saying “Listen, I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and let me tell you what a gift it is.” And the more you can dive deep into your NOWs without trying to shift into any other ascended state, but where you’re at – THAT is Ascension. Loving yourself in this now, no matter what’s happening – that’s Ascension. That’s what they would share with us.

I love you all so much! This is quite the journey that we are on. And there’s always new things around the corner that we are navigating and learning to be in. Focus on being in whatever it is and not trying to shift into anything other than what is in front of us. I love you.