Divine Protection – Energy Clearing with the Language of Light

A lot of us who follow the path of light know what it is to experience psychic attack, negative projections, interference from dark entities or being the target for dark spellwork. It’s a very difficult and unpleasant part of the territory, for here on Earth at this time we are in the midst of a spiritual war, light against dark, good against evil. Sometimes it seems that for every lightworker trying to bring healing to the world, there are are hordes of dark energies assigned to block them and bring them down.

Dream Weaver – Light Language for Wishes, Dreams and Goals

I created this meditation to assist you in manifesting your best life. Borrowing the symbol of the dream catcher in an unconventional yet quite literal way, as a means to catch your perfect vision of your hopes, wishes, dreams and goals and deliver them up to the Divine. An important thing to note though, especially with personal life goals, is to try to keep them to yourself, for two reasons. The first is that the people in your life – even those close to you – for whatever reason do not always want to see you become your best self or reach your highest potential, and so could knowingly or unknowingly create blockages between you and your manifestations. The second is that a psychological study has suggested that speaking about your goals to others tricks your brain into feeling a sense of already having achieved…making you less likely to put in the work needed to actually make it happen. Think of it like the wish you make when blowing out the candles on your birthday cake…if you tell, it might not come true. Also if it is a romantic relationship you are wishing to manifest, it’s very important to focus on the type of person you wish for, rather than a specific person…think about the qualities you are looking for in a partner and how you would like to feel when you are with them, and trust the Divine to take care of the rest.

Winds of Change – Light Language for Clearing & Creation

I have called upon the power of the whirlwind many times on my journey as it is a great force for creating change. From gentle breezes to strong winds, the element of air always seems to carry the promise of something fresh and new, it cleanses and clears stagnation, sustains life and inspires creation.

Courage Attunement – Light Language for the Peaceful Warrior

The world is shifting and changing. We have been preparing for this for some time, and while we may have glimpsed fragments of what is to come, we never really know. In this attunement, we call upon the warrior Gods of old, to fill our hearts and minds with almighty courage, so that we may face whatever comes with unshakable faith and radiant light.

Call Back Your Power – Light Language for Power Retrieval

There is within you, an immense power, the power to do great good, the power to heal, the power to create, the power to manifest and the power to inspire. You are a force to be reckoned with – pure and Divine. But in so many ways, you have given your power away, or had it taken from you, knowingly or unknowingly. Even so, this Divine power is yours…by the will of the One that created you. It is your life force, the light that feeds the flame of all that you are. It can belong to no other, it is your birthright, and it is your right to call it back, to reside within you once more, and for all time…

Waterfall of Light – Light Language for Purification

In this video we create a beautiful channel of light energy through ourselves, to the centre of the earth and then the greater universe…there and back again. Strengthening this channel with regular focus will help to keep you grounded while enhancing your connection to the Divine. It will open you to receiving all manner of blessings from the cosmos and also enable you to receive available downloads and upgrades via source.

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