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“Charge distribution efficiency= life!”
Now that we have PROVEN- that only bioactive (fractal ) electric fields serve biology and growth-
we MUST completely reinvent architecture and clothing. How we build everything from cities to greenhouses to hospitals to churches-
is COMPLETELY re-defined!
Materials that create centripetal (phase conjugate/centripetal), high dielectric capacitance- are the ONLY way to maximize growth, health and evolution!

Synthetic materials and steel and aluminum which poison biologic capacitance- are now inexcuseable when placed invading the human/plant bio-field.

BioActive Fields and Spiritual Science with Dan Winter

2nd and climax film of the Bioactive field (Jan 17,2016) course series with Dan Winter from FractalU.com – goes with site BioActiveField.com -140 min. Electric science of pyramid rejuvenation, plasma projection, physics of astrology, how agni hotra works, how death and rebirthing work electrically – physics of ‘grace’.. electric reason why access to a bliss process self empowers your immune health & what electric field survives death.. and more.

Pyramids-Bioactive Fields & Rejuvenation with Dan Winter-Barcelona Occult History Conference

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