Ascension Progress : Imminent

Rick Jewers: Hey everyone!

Its here! Its time!

Much is happpening. You know, perhaps, the ones of you who know what's going on – as your families begin to transition as well, its a good idea to tell them to keep calm. You know what's going on. And, very cool things happening.

The Light has won already

What can I say? I can says lots is happening as you're seeing more and more come out. What I will say is Ascension is imminent. Nothing stops it. And it is happening. And what we came here to do – it was a success a long time ago. You are beginning, more, let's say, more readily, you are beginning to see the true evidence of what we have achieved in rectifying the lower timelines and setting humanity free.

Not very long now

How long it continues? I don't believe it continues very long. Because what we have set in motion right now – what is happening right now – No, you cannot go back. And no one can go back to the way it was. So that is great news! We want harmony, we want peace, we want love. We have that. Many of you have called in your galactic forces and ( chuckles ) yeah, you're seeing globally evidence of that. And mostly its the US that we are putting the attention on. Because the US was supposed to be the world power centre, if you will. So that is why everything is beginning there first.

Calling in your Lightships

So, again, just so much happening. I'm so happy for this and what else can say? We're at times of celebration too! So is your ships. I had asked Sharon to put out a note a few days ago that only got out on the Real Angels page about becoming One with your ships. In the past we suggested that you call in your ships. Then call them closer. Then to call them a little bit closer. The last we suggested ( was ) to become one with your ships because what this does – it places you in the driver's seat of your ship as well, where you have much more of your energetics at hand.

Divinity in "control"

But on the energetic scale, on the way the things really work, you know, more of you are coming to know about this – the importance of it and you know, we, divinity always established the control here. We talk “control” since it began in 2011 and its just been upped since then. We apply where we need to apply a little bit of pressure to steer things in the right way. So, the next couple of days and next few months are going to be unprecedented. And any part of your human existence or history here. And we are changing it.

Rewriting soul contracts

But there will be separation of timelines as well. Once we get everything rectified here. Again, many of you are going to many different timelines. So its all depedent upon what you chose at the soul level before you came here. But also, many of you had the opportunity since 2015 to, let's say, rewrite part of your soul contracts. So that liberty was given.

So many new things. And I will add, you can still today rewrite your soul contract as you're given more of your memory back and take back your full memory and your full divinity. So that you're not restricted. You're only restricted by your thoughts, but when you open up more to that, you get more of your memory back. So again, so many amazing things going on. So, I just, you know, more or less, wish to quickly put out, perhaps, a vague update of where we're at. And again, we're in the most exciting times. Have lots of popcorn ready as the show has begun! And its only gonna keep ramping up.

So, just touching base with you at this time. May be more things later. And, we're also at a time where more of you angels, if you will, are ready to receive some more of your prowess to advance you further ahead yet. Many good things are coming.

Personal evidences witnessed

So, without rambling on, many, all kinds of winks ( chuckles and winks ). So much happening and I'm not sitting on here all day saying about it. You're seeing it yourself – the evidences coming out. Its very real. Anyone not believing it, you know, point them in the right direction. And say, here's some evidence perhaps you should look at it. This stuff is real. This is what's happening. Anyway you can assist anyone. And do it if you feel to do it.

And, ( chuckles ) Mathew says “I don't know what is going on.” Mathew been following for a long time. And it says, “You now realize you were insance for 2 years because of this event.” No one is insane, Matthew. That's just something from the human conditioning to keep one suppressed. To make it look like you were crazy if you spoke out. And, to keep you in a state of fear. Oh. We're above that, brother! We all are. And, we would not be here today to light this if we did not rise above it. And, this is truth.

The Dark has no place

So, many more big things going on. The Biblical aspect did play a part leading us to this now and from the odd time because of that energetic history. It does attach into some events. Nevertheless, its much different this time. Everything is changed. Its not like before where the darkness ruled, let's say 2000 years. This time, no! The job is done. The dark have been taken out of the picture.

So, this is the TRANSITION. We all made it, and we're going further. We don't stop here. So, have a great day! Peace! I love you all and we'll talk soon. Bye.