For years you have been prepared. Now, ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO.


Joe : You're listening to the August 5th, 2019 reading of Blossom Goodchild's channeling with the Federation of Light.

Blossom : Welcome once again to you! The energies coming through to our planet is still very strong. And knocking us all about in their own sweet ways. I'm wondering what else you could add to that which you have been speaking lately regarding all that is going on, if you would be so kind.

Joe : Welcome to each one! We join you today combining the heartfelt energies that make us know that we are all One energy of Divine Love. And there is nothing that can ever take that away from you. For that is who you are - One energy of Divine Love.

Take that into your being in this moment of now. Close your eyes. Smile. And take those divine breaths of knowing that this is who you are. ( Breathes in deeply, exhales slowly ) Do you feel a difference now from when you used to think you knew? Do you feel more of this divine love that you are? Now that you are accepting it? And now that these energies are allowing, enabling you to absorb more of this that is you?

Dearest souls, take onboard the fact that in this here and now, you are presently willing to join forces and recognize the absolute power of this force of Light that you are, as One, together.

Everytime now that you choose to remember to breathe in and enhance your energy, remember alongside that breath, the KNOWING that your force of Light is connecting up with the powerhouse of Divine Light itself.

Imagine that you are plugged in, connected to the divine ultimate energy of light and love. And the the cord beam of light that connects you to that is also connected to every single soul. Not only on your planet, yet everywhere. Then imagine that trillions of light soul beings are all focusing on the same goal – to see your planet through into its higher positioning. To bring it home to its rightful place. To be of such immense power of light. Light itself in its purest form, that all energies of lesser light simply dissipate and melt away, bringing you smoothly into shore in your newer higher vibration.

This is it now. This is when you know within your being that ALL SYSTEM ARE GO. Because, you can feel it. Can you not?

Blossom : I can certainly feel this immense energy that is filling my being right now as you are bringing these words through, so much so that I can hardly catch my breath or right quick enough.

Joe : Dearest ones, the energy that you can feel, is an energy that is connected to ALL beings, that have been waiting just like you. Waiting so very patiently, and sometimes so very close to giving in, giving up. And yet, here you are. Preparing.

Blossom : You say “preparing”, yet you're saying this is it!

Joe : We would liken it to perhaps a game of sport, in your world. One has done all the training. One has put in the hard yards, as you would say. They have brought their outfits into the changing room. Adorned them. And now wait, warming up, gearing up. For the moment that they KNOW is about to come – happen. That is the kind of excitement you are feeling. Is it not? A little anxious, a little nervous? Yet so ready and prepared to get out there and on with it. Into the thick of things.

Blossom : I would imagine that is EXACTLY how so many are feeling, judging by my inbox. Yet for us, we will run out there onto the playing field and have to look around as exactly what game we are playing. Not knowing if we should have brought our net ball, soccer ball, tennis ball or indeed just there to run the 200 metres.

Yet what I do know, even though we do not know what for WE ARE DEFINITELY READY.

Joe : This we know also. As facts are revealed, as your world reels in shock there out comes the findings. You shall be there, KNOWING that THIS IS IT. This is when the tables start to turn. YOU ARE READY, in position. For although you do not know what is to be revealed exactly, that which you do know is that you are here to bring peace. Here to assist others in understanding that all of this that is being disclosed is the beginning of a better world for everyone.

Your words will flow off your tongue as you are divinely guided in your assisting ways. Many of you quite suprised yourselves at what is being said, through you. All that you have remembered in ways of these messages being the reminder, you shall have on call in your heartfiles. For years you have been storing information. Some of which you many not know you know. And when each divine moment presents itself, you will be there to offer guidance, to those who feel so lost.

Many of you will find a strength arise from within. And find yourselves in the most unexpected positions that will feel so natural to you, for you. They will be so because these will be positions you signed up for, before you came, should you so choose to see them through.

Some will have fallen away from their position's role. There is no judgement on this. Those whose hearts are true, will find their way home, assisting others in a different fashion that is more suited to their disposition upon the planet for them now.

Blossom : ( Unclear ) I feel so emotional with this energy you are bringing through today. My heart is ticking away ten to the dozen.

Joe : With respect, because you are able to feel the truth within this energy.

Blossom : Yes, yet surely also because its getting so close now and therefore we can pick up on this.

Joe : It is not close, Blossom. It is here.

Blossom : Hmmm.. Just tightening my hats strings 🙂 Playing advocate as I seem to do, some would say, “Really? Where?”

Joe : Some are looking for something that it is not.

Blossom : Meaning?

Joe : In that, at this stage, when we say that it is here, you know this because you can feel it. Some are looking for the real evidence. For they do not believe that this feeling and knowing that you are feeling and gathering is real evidence. Evidence of feeling, knowing, experiencing the energy of it.

That which follows in what you, they would call a reality is just the hard copy would we say. We have mentioned that it shall be like a domino effect. EVERYTHING WILL COME DOWN CRASHING LIKE A TON OF BRICKS. And when all is flattened, one shall be able to see right through it all.
Take into your knowing, that as this takes place your strength shall increase to the degree that you allow it to.

Blossom : Could you elaborate on that, please?

Joe : Indeed. Inside each one of you now, as you are reading these words, you are feeling the change of, in heart. This is because your being is reacting to the energy that is being sent through to you in these coded words.

Blossom : Hold a minute! I can't keep up. Coded words? They seem quite straightforward to me!

Joe : Yet within them, they are underlying codes that are willingly activating your souls, leading you into the next phase of yourselves, re-awakening the parts of your being that needed to remain switched off until such times as this.

Blossom : Like... Uhh.. Far out Brussels sprout! What do these parts of our being do once switched on, activated?

Joe : They shall reveal higher assets of self. Stronger vibrational assistance is at your fingertips.

Blossom : Allowing us to?...

Joe : To be more of who you are.

Blossom : Could you just give us a hint even?

Joe : It is not necessary.

Blossom : I feel you want to say “Because it would spoil the fun”.

Joe : That is precisely our reasoning, Blossom. Gifts will fall into your lap so to speak. So many things, some large, some small will you find taking place in your everyday living and you shall smile with an inner knowing as you gain more and more of these strengths, in the knowing that this is not just happening to you.

Remember, as one, you are the highest, brightest, strongest force of light in existence. And it comes FROM WITHIN YOU! Each one of you is connected with inside each other. Your light is connected to every other soul on and off this planet. The power of this light has amped exponentially of late and there is absolutely nothing and no one that can come anywhere close to bringing it down or putting it out of action. Ever. Again.

Remember too, that the quickest route into the higher vibrational exisitence is KNOWING that.

Love conquers all. Know this love that you are.

When you know it, then you know it too that, forgiveness is love. Compassion is love. Understanding is love.

That which is to be disclosed as we have said, WILL OPEN A GLOBAL CAN OF WORMS. Not only will it be that crimes against humanity are revealed. Yet, secrets about other planets, worlds, beings, connections, agreements will also come to light. And these stunning revelations will also make one almost fall over with, in, amazement. Many will feel a little duped for a while, when realization of what actually is, hits home.

Yet in these times, remember, return to love. Be love. Breathe, smile and BE love. Know all is not as it seems and yet all is as it should be. You, each one, are saviors. Saviors in the true sense of the word. For you came here to save your planet. And you are doing so. Watch this space.

Blossom : Hahaha.. I have to laugh! What a strange way to end. “Watch this space”. Yet I know that was the end of today's connection. Wow! Things are really hotting up. Even though with these crazy sleep patterns I may need match sticks to keep my eye balls open so I don't miss anything when it does come about.

In gratitude, in loving service, I AM.