A Blessing in Light Language for Starseeds & Lightworkers

This is a blessing to acknowledge the hard work and dedication you give on your pathway as a light warrior on Earth. It’s far from being an easy journey, we experience the deepest of depths and the highest of heights, but I would be honoured to be able to assist you with my work, as the works of others have assisted me.

Light Language for Self Love

A little self love goes a long way…we are so good at focusing on our flaws and berating ourselves for not being good enough in some way…enough of that. We all know that what we focus on grows, so lets start seeing ourselves in our best light 🙂 It’s not so difficult…we are all beautiful in some way – within and without, so start by loving the beauty you know, and nurture it, till it evolves into something great and undeniable. A sweet and joyful love of self.

Transformation – An Activation in Light Language

Ah, transformation. So there you were, a perfectly ‘normal’ person living a fairly normal life…then one fine day the universe picks you up, turns you upside down and shakes out all of your contents…then it spins you around and around until you are dizzy, and sends you off on a great journey without a map, and only a few obscure clues that you have to unravel on the way 🙂 Oh well, I hope this helps in some way.

A Prayer of Forgiveness

Welcome beautiful beings…we have all experienced suffering of some sort in our lives and on our ascension pathways, whether at the hands of others or from dark energies. In acknowledging the growth, and so, assistance such suffering brings us we can approach it with an air of gratitude…a truly wonderful place from which to approach forgiveness…and our willingness to forgive helps to free us from the lesson.

Feeling Joyful – A Light Language Activation

Welcome to this light language activation. No matter how you are feeling on the outside remember, deep within you there is always a spark of joy that you can cultivate. It comes from the Divine, and will shine as brightly as you allow it, at any given time.

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